baking cloth simulation2
Step 3. Select the bounce object in the object manager then add a cloth tag to the bounce object, now select the side part points the bounce object in point mode, make sure you are on the selection tool and not the move tool. Now hold shift and select the point and click on the "Set" button the Fix-Points in the Cloth tag. The points will show pink if all went well.
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[C4D] Bouncing objects on the cloth
This tutorial shows how to make the interaction of objects on cloth without using Collider tag in Cinema 4D and some tips for how to bake the cloth simulation.
Step 1. Lets get started with a plane (width and Height 600cm) and two spheres (radius 55cm), convert the three objects to polygons (c)
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Step 4. Select the bounce object > cloth tag, in the Attributes Manager change the settings of the Cloth tag such as the image below.
Step 5. Hit F8, now the three objects have interacted with each other. enjoy!
This is the result (swf format)
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to explain it, see the following example
baking cloth simulation1
Step 2. Three objects with Cloth tags will not collide with each cannot have a collider and cloth tag on the same select three objects in the object manager and connect (Functions>Connect) them all, now, you've got one object, rename it to 'bounce' (for example), then hide the three previous objects (both render and viewport visibility).
baking cloth simulation3a
baking cloth simulation3b
baking cloth simulation4b
baking cloth simulation4a
If you turn flexion up to 100% and stiffness up to 1000+%
you can get the three objects that only deforms a little bit.
> Bounce in Sweep NURBS
> Water wave with clothilde
> Scarf animation with clothilde
> Cushion
> Flag
Do it this way
How to bake the simulation of cloth?
Trick to baking Cloth animation to keyframes using Mocca, Character>Cappucino set to PLA (only):
> Before baking the cloth simulation to PLA, go to Cache the simulation. In the Tag tab use the Calculate Cache command to store the simulation in memory.
> Select your cloth object
> Activate the axis tool
> Go into scale mode (use scale tool)
> Click the Cappucino "start realtime" button
> Enable only PLA so Cappucino will only record the point movement.
> Click and hold the LMB until the end of the animation (do not drag the mouse during this time!).
After the animation plays through once, you can delete the cloth tag. The Timeline will display the keyframes in a PLA sequence.The cloth simulation is now baked. Meaning that the object now looks at keyframes for its movement.
baking cloth simulation5
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