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[C4D] Adding Depth
This tutorial will show how to make a fast and effective way to add depth
to your

Lets get started with a Simple Abstract Shapes,
> Create a platonic (Objects > Primitive > Platonic)
> Press 'c' to make the platonic editable
> Select all (Ctrl+A) the polygon object
> Goto Structure > Edit Surface > Matrix Extrude and you can setup the settings up to you
Now lets get add depth to your scene,
Step 1: Select Scale tool (Shortcut T), then make sure you have camera checked and select Tools > Camera
Step 2: Now, Hold down your Right mouse button and Drag your mouse to the Left
Like this...
Step 3: Then Hold down your Left mouse button and Drag your mouse to the Right
Like this...
Experiment with this, and you can get some pretty nice looking renders.
Here are some results
You can add Sky HDRI or create the materials to apply to the Abstract Shapes. Enjoy
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