render an animation in wireframe with the material
( outline, edge with color option enabled)
outline option with no edge option enabled
outline option with edge option enabled
Step 4. This is the results
**NOTE** if you have a few HyperNURBS active it will take some time to calculate.
Step 3. Now check Outline and Edges, if you would like to use them as an added art effect (the wireframe with the material), check the Color box too.
Under Basic Properties, explain each option:
Outline: This renders just an outline of your scene. (Bottom of this tutorial is an example)
Edges: This actually renders the wireframe. This is the key option we're using in this tutorial.
Edge Color: This defines what color you actually want the wireframe or outline to be
Background Color: This defines what the background of the wireframe should be
Step 2. Now go to your render options. (CTRL + B or Render > Render Settings > Effect),
click the Effects button and select
Cel Renderer.
Step 1. Open a .C4D scene file that you'd like to render a wireframe for. (for example)
This tutorial shows how to do wireframe renders. If you don't have Sketch and Toon, either use Software/Hardware Preview  in Render Settings > General, or add the Cel Renderer in the post effect. (CTRL + B or Render > Render Settings > Effect)
[C4D] Wireframe Render
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