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[Mograph] Bake Mograph objects to keyframes
This tutorial shows how to bake mograph based motion into keyframes.
Step 1. Select the Cloner Object in object manager
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This method is built by Matthias Zabiegly (Mazab), to describe these methods follow the instructions below.
If you assign a group to clone objects, use the Fracture Object instead of a Cloner to turn your chunks into clones.
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There is a workaround to bake MoGraph (including dynamics):
bake mograph
Step 2. Duplicate your Cloner / Fracture Object
hit "C" to convert the Cloner to single objects, and rename it to 'Converted Cloner' (for example)
bake mograph
Step 3. Put a XPresso Tag (Cinema 4D Tags>XPresso) on the Converted Cloner which attaches every "physical" copy of your objects to its cloned counterpart.
**NOTE** This expression must be set to Generator to evaluate precisely.
Open the editor by double clicking the XPresso tag,
a. Drag the Cloner Object into the editor, add object output  to Cloner Object node (click on the red rectangle>select object output)
b. Create a Data node (right click in Xpresso editor>New Node>Motion Graphics>Motion Objects)
c. Drag the Converted Cloner Object into the editor, add object  and local Matrix inputs to Converted Cloner Object  node (click on the blue rectangle>select object input and local matrix input)
d. Create a Object Index node (right click in Xpresso editor>New Node>XPresso>General)
e. Create a Hierarchy node (right click in Xpresso editor>New Node>XPresso>Iterator), add object output to Hierarchy node (click on the red rectangle>select object output)
Now Connect them all, and here's the Screenshot of the whole setup.
bake mograph xpresso
Step 4. Be sure you have the converted Cloner selected in Object Manager (the Null that contains all your "physical" copies)
Step 5. Activate the axis tool, go into scale mode (use scale tool) and click the Cappucino (Character > Cappucino)
- select "Rewind Time", "Position", "Rotation" and "Hierarchy"
- hit "Start Realtime"
Step 6. Click and hold the LMB anywhere in your editor view until the end of the animation (do not drag the mouse during this time!).
Baked to keyframes Mograph
Now, you've got your baked to keyframes MoGraph. Enjoy!
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