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1. The Xpresso Editor is the place where you build these behaviors, which are called expressions.
To create a new expressions and open the expresso editor, in the object manager, select any object and choose
File > cinema 4D tags > Xpresso. You can close the editor at anya time and reopen it by double-clicking the Xpresso tag.
2. Xgroups are containers for nodes, other Xgroups and their wires.
3. Nodes are the building blocks of your XPresso expressions
4. Ports are the inputs and outpus of nodes and xgroups.
Add ports using the inputs and outputs menus (clicking the blue and red squares in the node's top corners)
5. Wires to enable nodes and Xgroups to pass value to one another.
To create a wire between two ports, drag the circle of one port and drop it onto the other.
In this example, the sphere rotation value is being sent to the cube. This will cause the cube to point in the same direction as the sphere in the viewport.
More complete about Xpresso Editor you can download at Maxon Cinema 4D documentation
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