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[C4D] Creating quick Landscapes with Claude Bonet
Step 1: Create a Plane object, make it about 1000 by 800
Step 2: Make the plane editable
Step 3: Add a Bone Deformer object into your scene then Parent the Bone to the Plane
Step 4: Right click on the bone and select "Fix Bone" from the menu
Step 5: With this bone selected, select the Claude Bonet paint tool (Character>Soft IK/Bones>Claude Bonet). Start painting on your mesh to paint the soft selection
Step 6: Now, when done move the bone around to move your "Soft Selection"
Final result
Tips: To make your new landscapes nice and smooth create a HYPERNURBS object and drag the plane object and you can also use limit range with your bones to create another layer of falloff from them
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This tutorial shows how to creating quick landscapes by using the claude bonet
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