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[Mograph] Deform object with Spline Wrap
This tutorial shows how to the MoGraph Spline Wrap can deform any object on any spline and the spline can be of any shape
Step 1: Put the Cube object in a Null Object and set the segments X,Y,Z to 8
Step 2: Now add a Spline Wrap deformer from the MoGraph menu in the Cube object and we need a Helix spline as a path for the deformation
Step 3: Drag the Helix spline(path) into the Spline Wrap attributes
Step 4: and this is the result
Note: Experiment with this method for any object and any spline, enjoy!
Here are some results
Oil Tank object with the helix spline (for wrap)
Platonic object with the helix spline (for wrap)
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