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[C4D] Spin Effect using Dynamics
This tutorial explains how to create spin effect using dynamics and drop them on to a floor top
Step 1. Create a cylinder object then move and scale them appropriately to create a coin shape
Step 2. Select Dynamics > Solver object, this is where will add the objects that we want to interact through dynamics to give us our collision.Now click on the Solver object in the object manager, set the Integration Method to Midpoint and over sampling to 8 (Generally collisions on their own will work with a less accurate integration method and lower sampling, the type of dynamics that need high over sampling and accuracy are soft bodies)
Step 3. Click the details tab, set Eps to 0.001 (The Eps setting determines how close an object can get to another before it collidies)
Step 4. Then in the object manager, making sure you have the Coin object selected, right click and select Dynamics tags > Rigid Body Dynamic tag,
Set the Rotational Mass to 60%,
Click the collision tab and Set Collision Detection to full,
Set the Elasticity to 20% (The structure of the coin is flexible and the energy will be mostly lost from the collision, reduced elasticity will preverent the coin from bouncing),
Set static and dynamic to 100% (Friction is controlled by the static and dynaimic values) and
Click the Start tab and set P to 1000 degrees, B to 80 degrees (we want our coin to spin quickly and drop on to the floor)
Step 5. Add the Plane object, make this plane editable then, select the plane object, right click and select Dynamics tags > Rigid Body Dynamic tag
Set the total Mass to 0 (setting its mass to zero will prevent dynamics from having any effect on it)
Click the collision tab and Set Collision Detection to full
Set Elasticity, Static and Dynamic to 100%
Step 6. Now Select Dynamics > Gravity object and set the Strength to 2
Step 7. Drop the Coin object, Plane and Gravity into the Solver Object
Step 8. Press button Play forwards and enjoy!
Final result ( swf format )
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