This tutorial shows how to make a scraf animation by using handle for animation movement
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[C4D] Scarf animation with clothilde
Step 1: Make a plane object (A) and arrange the segment likes this (Press right mouse button on Plane and select Make Editable (Functions > Make Editable))
Step 2: Then clones the plane object(A) that you have made, and give name plane (B) object (this plane (B) object will functioned as handle for animation movement), Customize sizes Y=0, place the plane object like picture hereunder
Step 3: Now, Place the plane (B) object as a parent of the plane (A) object, then select the plane (A) Object in object manager and Press right mouse button on Plane (A) and select New tag > Clothilde Tags > cloth afterwards also choose belt
Step 4: Now hold shift and select the point like this (Make sure you are on the selection tool and not the move tool), then select belt tag in plane (A) object, Drag and drop the plane (B) into the belt on field, Set the Points using the button provided (Points colour at selection will turn bright yellow colour)
Step 5: Select the plane (A) Object in object manager and select cloth tag, put in these settings:
Step 6: Now, time to start the animation, drag the animation bar to the right until it ends on 100s then Press the Automatic Key framing button.
Press button Play forwards and move the plane (B) object such as those which you want
Final result
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