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[Mograph] Flickering Lights
This tutorial shows how to create flickering lights using MoGraph in combination with random effector and formula effector
Step 1: Now add a Rectangle object by hitting this button, and set object tab in the attributes manager change its Width to 400cm Height to 400cm
Step 2: Add a Cloner object  from the MoGraph module menu , Set object tab in the attributes manager change its Mode to Object and drop the Rectangle object into the Object field, then change the Step to 20cm
Making the Lights
Step 3: Create the Omni light and drop the Omni light under the Cloner object then adjust light settings like shown on picture
Step 4: Afterwards add the random effector and the formula effector from the MoGraph module menu and drop two effectors to the effectors tab in The Cloner object attribute, then change the settings each two effectors like shown on picture
Random Effector > effector tab
Random Effector > parameter tab
Formula Effector > effector tab
Formula Effector > parameter tab
Step 5: Copy only the Cloner object that you have made ( make sure you have deleted the omni light and two effectors) and add a sphere object, change its Radius to 6cm (Note: i only give a easy example so that can be understood, you can replaced this sphere object with the bulb model truthfully) then drop the sphere object under the Cloner object.Create a glass material and apply it to the sphere object
Making The bulb
Step 6: Press play button and render it...enjoy!
Final result ( swf format )
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