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[Mograph] Textured Stone
This tutorial shows how to create textured stone using MoGraph Displace Deformer
Step 1: Now add a Cube object then change its Size X to 5cm Y to 60cm Z to 60cm and Segments XYZ to 100. Create a stone material and apply it to the Cube object
Step 2: Add The Displace deformer from The MoGraph module menu and drop the Displace deformer under the Cube Object. Create a new material and disable color and specular channels, activate the alpha channel and insert the image below. Apply it to the Displace deformer
Step 3: Afterwards you must change the displace deformer settings, like this
Alpha Chanel
Step 4: Render it and this is the result
Tips: with the Linear Clone Tool, you will get result like this
Tips n Technique 2
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