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[C4D] Diamond Modeling
Step 2. Select all of the points of your model and from the functions drop down, select triangulate
Step 3. Select all of the points along the top surface of your model and rotate -11.25 degrees on the H
Step 4. Then invert all of the points along the top surface and from the functions drop down, select untriangulate
Step 5. Using the loop selection tool, select the middle edge and the one just below that.
Select edge cut from the structure drop down (uncheck create N-gons and 2 subdivision) and click apply
Step 6. In point mode, select (in pairs) the newly created points created by the edge cut. Use
the weld tool in the structure drop down to weld the two points to a single point. Just click on
the newly created point in the middle to weld the outer points. It's important to note that this is
a 32 step process, as you will be welding only two points at a time
Step 7. In point mode (front view), select the outer points around the y-axis your model.
Move and scale them appropriately to create a diamond shape
Step 8. Use the melt function to remove the two edges that loop around your model
Step 9. That's it...Now you need to really up the render options settings to get some good effects, in the below i used a ray depth of 75 and a reflection depth of 25, a good HDRI environment for reflections, highlights as a post effect and diamond shader settings here
Here are some results (still image and animation (swf format))
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This tutorial shows how to create a diamond shape
Step 1. Create a cylinder (radius > 200, height > 200, height segments > 6, rotation segments > 16). Make this cylinder editable and choose optimize in the functions drop down. Change the phong angle > 0º in the phong tag to create flat surfaces
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