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[C4D] Ripple Effects
This tutorial explains how to make surface look like something would drop in water
Step 1. Add a plane object you want to use ripple effect into (make it editable), then create an emitter (Objects > Particle > Emitter), make an object a child of the emitter (a sphere is suitable for now), use a metaball to achieve such as bubbling liquids
Step 2. In the Attributes Manager change the settings of the emitter, sphere and metaball object like picture hereunder
Step 3. Create NEW material. After creating new material, set ripple effects to it's Bump channel (Texture > Effects > Ripple)
Step 4. Set Ripple effects values
Note :
Wave length
controls how "wide" ripples are
Speed controls speed of ripple
Amplitude is Height of ripple, use small values for more realistic effects Falloff is about how fast ripple "fades" away
Minimal Strength, controls how small ripple is before it disappears
Periods is among of waves in ripple
Particle Dependent, defines if size of ripple is depending from particles
Object,  It is object you want ripples to happen to
Particles, defines what particles cause ripples
Step 5. Then apply it to the plane object (in attribute manager ensure that the texture tag's mix textures is enabled), to get some good effects, in the below i used a water material into the plane object
Note :
You need to do rendering to the PICTURE VIEWER (Shift+R) to see results of ripple shader
Step 6. That's it...Now all there is to do, is to RENDER your ripples to see what they look like
Here are some results (swf format)
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