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[C4D] Wrap up Candy
Here is a tutorial shows how to create the candy wrapper using clothilde in cinema 4d
This tutorial covers the size factor in the Clothilde tag.
Step 1: Making the candy, add a sphere object and and make its for like candy. Add a Clothilde Collision Tag to the sphere
Step 2: Then we make the candy wrapper it is basically a long cube with little flaps at both ends. Add a Clothilde tag to the object
Step 3: Now select the points of the flaps at both ends of the cube and hit Set in Fix Points in the clothilde dresser tab
Step 4: Then go to the Tag tab of Clothilde and set Size to 50 or 30% (as long as it is smaller than 100%)
Step 5: Now Play forwards ( Shortcut F8 ) and Voila!
Final result
The size setting can be used for a wide variety of things like frying oil package, snacks package or whatever latex you might have...enjoy
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