Cinema 4D Modeling and Animation
Step 3. Add New Material,in the material editor change the settings of the color and bump channels to match those shown in the image : ( In Texture Channel > Mograph > Multi Shader )
Step 2. Now, add the Cloner Object from the Mograph objects as a parent of the object (A), then select the Cloner Object in object manager and put in these settings:
Step 1. This tutorial explains :clones the object (A) and arranging clones onto vertices of other object target (B) then arranging clones onto spline (C). The cloner object sets your objects up so they can be affected by spline and shader effectors. These effectors can be used to animate.

So, you now has 2 objects (Make Editable), 1 spline (Make Editable) and 2 effectors in object manager
[Mograph] Cloner Object with Multi Shader
Note: Turn off the object target (B) (click the enable switch for the object target (B) to changes its icon from a check mark to a cross)
Final result
Tips n Technique 2
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Capturing Screenshots
Step 4. Drag and drop the new material into the Object (A) in object manager
Step 5. Now, time to start the animation,
Drag the Animation Bar to the right until it ends on 50 F then Press the Automatic Keyframing button
Step 6. Select the Spline Effector In the Attributes Manager fill in Strength to 100%, Now, then  Press the Automatic Keyframing button to stop the animation
Step 7. Simulate the objects with press button Play forwards
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