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[Mograph] Deck of Cards
this tutorial shows how to create a shuffle of cards: lifting up the deck, bending them as they fall back down into a stack
Step 1: Create a bent card and a flat card like shown on picture
Step 2: Put both (a bent card and a flat card) into a cloner object and set the clones to sort
Step 3: Now select the cloner object in the object manager then add the step effector (to move the clones around (using a falloff)) and a delay effector (to a rebound effect from the clones) from the MoGraph module menu ( If you did not select the cloner object before adding the step effector and the delay effector you will have to drag it in the "Effectors Tab" field by hand ) then edit setting parameter like follow
Step Effector > Effector Tab
Step Effector > Parameter Tab
Step Effector > Falloff Tab
Delay Effector > Effector Tab
Delay Effector > Falloff Tab
Step 4: Select the step effector and move its position to y=-125 > add keyframe then drag the animation bar to the right until it ends on 3s and select the step effector then move its position to y=258 > add keyframe
Step 5: Now we will select only some of the cards are picked up, select the cloner object then add MoGraph > MoGraph selection
Step 6: Drag and drop the MoGraph selection tag into The Selection field in the Step Effector attributes
Step 7: Select the cloner object and use the "Modify Clone" parameter to control, from 'sort' to 'blend' and then back to 'sort' in the animation bar and add a keyframe in each clone the changes
Step 8: That's it...hit play and enjoy!
Tips :
You can use the random effector to make the order of the cards a bit random
Final result ( swf format )
Tips n Technique 2
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