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[Mograph] Fireworks
This tutorial shows how to create fireworks using Trace object and combined with an emitter
Step 1: Creating an emitter object then edit setting parameter like follow
Step 2: Now select the emitter object that you have made then add a Trace object from the MoGraph module menu, uncheck Trace Vertices and set the limit to From End,  the Amount to 8
Step 3: Add the Gravity object (Objects > Particle > Gravity), set the Acceleration to 5 and the shape to Unlimited
Step 4: Then Create a Circle object (Objects > Spline Primitive > Circle) and add a Sweep Nurbs object (Objects > NURBS > Sweep NURBS), make sure your scale down your circle to the appropiate size (e.g radius to 2cm)
Step 5: Then drag the Circle object and Trace object into the Sweep NURBS object then select the Sweep NURBS object and set the End Scale parameter in Attributes manager to 300%
Step 6: Create a new material for the trace object path in the material manager, set the transparency channel like follow and apply it to the Sweep Nurbs object
Step 7: That's it...hit play and Happy New Year for you all...
Final result ( swf format )
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