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[Xpresso] Water Drops
Step 2: On the menu at the top choose Objects > Thinking Particles > Particle Geometry. Move the Thinking Particles inside the Metaball object in the objects palette.Choose Objects > Thinking Particles > Thinking Particles settings, drag and drop 'All" into the particle Group on field
Step 3: Bring a null into the scene (Objects -> Null object). Move the sphere and the Metaball object inside this object in the objects palette. We are going to apply and Xpresso setup to this null. Select the Null in the object palette then, within the object palette, goto Tag > Cinema 4D tags > Xpresso
Step 4: Select The Xpresso Tag > in the Attributes manager > User Data > Add User Data.Change the settings of the Edit User Data to match those shown in the image
Particle Birth
Step 5: If you done everything right you should have user data in attribute manager like shown below
Step 6: Now open the editor by double-clicking the Xpresso tag, drag and drop The Null Water Drops to The xpresso Editor then select The red squares in the Xpresso node top corner, add the Particle Birth, Radius, Scale, Variation, Object and Selection ports
Step 7: Then equip the settings of the Water drops in the Xpresso Editor to match those shown in the image
Step 8: Now, Select The Null Water Drops, then Drag and drop object into the object field or polygon selection tag into the selection field in attribute manager.
Step 9: Press play and enjoy
Final result
Object polygon
Selection polygon
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This tutorial shows how to make water drops using Xpresso
Step 1: Start a new scene and bring in a primitives sphere (Radius 10cm), then add the Metaball object (Hull Value 80%, editor subdivision 5cm, render subdivision 5cm)
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